11/23/16 5:41pm

Japanese Pumpkin KitKat: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Treat


If you’re anything like me—and I suspect you are if you read my musings about food and culture in Queens—you might still be struggling about what to bring to Thanksgiving tomorrow. Rejoice procrastinators and noncooks! Japan has come to your rescue in the form of pumpkin creme brulee KitKats. Let me say that again “Pumpkin Crème Brûlée KitKats!”


Break me off a piece of that pumpkin pudding KitKat bar!

Japan is well known for its diverse roster of KitKat flavors, which include green tea and wasabi. Pan pu kin pulin, or pumpkin pudding KitKkats were a new one on me. Like many Japanese Kitkat flavor it’s a seasonal creation as can be seeen from the Halloween trappings on the package. I found it Family Market in Astoria, which in case you are wondering is open tomorrow.

“Oh these are very dangerous,” the dude at the counter said as he rang me up. “Once you have one you’re going to want another. Flavorwise they are pretty sweet and have more pudding flavor than pumpkin. Oh and about that crème brûlée, according to a Japanese graphic on the bag and the interwebs you can crispy them up in a toaster over for a few minutes! Boy will my friends be surprised when I tell them I’m cooking for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Family Market, 29-15 Broadway, Astoria, 718-956-7925

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