11/27/16 2:03pm

QDC Treks to Tibet  via Jackson Heights Dec. 12


Fried beef momo, just one of many delicacies that will be offered.

With winter just around the corner, my pals and I from Queens Dinner Club have chosen a most seasonally appropriate cuisine: the hearty, spicy flavors of Tibet. And there’s no better place to enjoy them Chef Chime Tendha’s Phayul. In fact I personally love Phayul—which means fatherland in Tibetan—so much that I made sure they appeared on Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern. To score a ticket for this tasty trek please click here.

One of Phayul’s momo maestros with the coveted trophy.

One of Phayul’s momo maestros with the coveted trophy.

Phayul’s award-winning beef momo—the savory dumplings that are a favorite throughout the Himalayas—will be featured on the evening’s menu. Chef Chime Tendha will also prepare a slightly more rustic Tibetan staple tsampa, a roasted barley flour, mixed with butter tea.

Chef Chime characterizes his cuisine as Tibetan-Chinese and two of his best dishes: laphing, a spicy mung bean noodle, and cucumber salad with black bean and chili reflect this fusion. The evening’s bill of fare will also feature his takes on the Indian-Chinese classics chili chicken and gobi Manchurian.

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