09/29/14 11:53am

Flushing’s Crazy Crab Gets its Closeup


Crazy Crab, a stealth Burmese restaurant masquerading as a Cajun crab boil/pan-Asian eatery might just be one of my favorite places in downtown Flushing. The crab boils themselves—get the off menu green curry sauce—make for some fun, messy eating. But it’s the Burmese specialties like tea leaf salad, ohn-no kout swei, and Yunnanese yellow tofu that get me really excited and really hungry. So when Gina Liu asked me to stop by for a taping of Eyewitness News New York’s Neighborhood Eats with Lauren Glassberg I immediately said yes.Along with tea leaf salad, chili crab  my pals and I ate some of that wonderful yellow tofu salad, or wan do fen, as it’s called in Burmese. It was cool, creamy, and nutty, truly the Southeast Asian flan of tofu. I also tried the fried version, which was simply amazing. Below find a recipe courtesy of Liu and ABC 7. I can’t wait to try it at home

Crazy Crab’s Yellow Split Pea Tofu
Burmese name: Wan Do Fen

For the custard:
1 lb. Yellow split peas
Curry powder

For the sauce:
Fried shallots and garlic
Sesame seed and crushed peanuts
Sweet soy sauce
lemon and sugar
parsley and coriander
Hot pepper

1. Soak one pound of yellow split peas in cool water over night.
2. On the next day, place in blender and then sift through strainer.
3. Bring 1 gallon of water to boil.
4. Slowly pour in strained yellow pea starch into boiling water and stir in the same direction until mash.
5. Add 1 spoon of salt and 1/2 spoon of curry powder.
6. Place mash into a baking tray and let cool outside for 1 hour, or in freezer until set.

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