09/24/14 9:48am

Make Andrew Zimmern’s Veal Tongue Sliders


Move over White Castle, veal tongue sliders are where it’s at!

Veal tongue, whether stir fried in spicy Tibetan chele katsa or sliced paper thin as a deli sandwich is a wonderful thing. Creamy rich tongue and heart are probably my two favorite types of beef offal. So when Andrew Zimmern, a man who has forgotten more than I shall ever hope to know about entrails posted a recipe for veal tongue sliders on his web site I had to check it out.

Zimmern served the veal tongue sliders with tonnato sauce and arugula at the recent Music City Food + Wine Festival Harvest Night in Nashville. Veal tongue dressed with a creamy tuna and anchovy sauce, yes please! The combo of the peppery arugula with the rich tongue  sounds stupendously good. Any recipe that contains the words “griddle the veal tongue until crispy” is all right by me.

I am not much of an NFL watcher, but if you’re looking to eat something more exciting than nachos during Sunday’s international game between the Dolphins and the Raiders at London’s Wembley Stadium then these sliders are just the ticket. Peep the full recipe on AZ’s site.

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