10/12/15 10:09am

Resobox Brings Ramen to Queensboro Plaza 

resoboxramenButter makes everything better, including miso ramen.

“Oh, wow you guys have food now!?” I said to Takashi Ikezawa owner of Resobox a Japanese cafe, gallery, and cultural center in Long Island City, as I glanced at the ramen roster. I was glad to see Resobox, which offers classes in everything from flower arranging and Samurai sword to manga drawing for kids, finally serving ramen, itself an integral part of Japanese culture. I grabbed my coffee and made a mental note to return for some ramen.

A few weeks later I found myself hangry in LIC because the place I’d planned to eat a late lunch at was closed. For a few moments I didn’t know what to do, then I remembered Resobox’s ramen. I opted for the miso ramen ($13), partly because of seeing the word “butter,” in the menu description.

I’ve seen butter as an add-in at ramen spots, but never knew what to make of it. “This style is very popular in Japan,” Takisha-san said as I marveled at the pat of butter perched atop some menma or pickled bamboo shoots. After I mixed in the butter I tucked into the much needed bowl of comfort food. Corn, butter, roast pork, and soul warming miso broth combined with springy noodles to lift the hangry haze. Was it the best bowl of ramen I have ever had? No, but it was the best bowl of ramen at the time. Sometimes the universe just wants one to have ramen I mused as I paid my bill and bid farewell to Takashi.

Resobox, 41-26 27th St., Long Island City, 718-784-3680 ‎

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