10/31/13 11:12am

What’s Your Favorite British Candy Bar?


These are just some of the British candy bars to be found in Woodside.

Happy Halloween to one and all. This festive, sugar-laden time of year brings back fond memories of fun-sized candies, along with fear of being pelted with eggs. These days my tastes in candy runs toward either high-end truffles, green tea Kit Kats, or perhaps my favorite of all, British candy bars. I grew up eating Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bars, but my first real introduction to British candy bars was Yorkie. The chocolate-covered raisin and biscuit treat was originally marketed at truckers hence its rather misogynistic “Not for Girls” marketing campaign. For a while it was my go to British candy bar. Once I even tried a misbegotten peppermint version called Yorkie Blue Ice that tasted like it was made with crushed up menthol cough drops.

Earlier this week I stopped by an Irish grocer in Woodside and stocked up on some $15 worth of British candy to celebrate Halloween. Rather than give it out to the little ghoulies and goblins, I’m going to eat them myself, though not in one sitting. My favorite thus far is the Lion bar, wafer enrobed in caramel and then covered in chocolate studded with crunchy bits. As I was munching on a Picnic, a raisin and peanut laden bar that left me flat, a friend who grew up in the U.K. called. When I told him what I was doing he said, “Oh, man, Crunchies are the best!”Come to think of it the chocolate bars with the crunchy core of sweetness are pretty good. Wish I’d included one in my British candy haul. So here’s what I’d like to know on this Halloween: What’s your favorite British candy bar? Tell me in the comments, or hit me on the Twitter, @JoeDiStefano.

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  • The problem is like everything else in the world, the British candy makers have been bought out by the evil international candy conglomerates and all taste crappier than they used to. But my favorites were Aero, Mars, and Flake. Also Smarties, but they’re not a bar. Although they taste fruity, rather than the hint of peanut m&m’s have, their colors are sooo much prettier. Or maybe it’s the coating of wax I love.

  • As something of a candy fiend, this topic is right up my alley. My favorite British candy bar is the Boost bar–it’s a bit like a Twix but much better (in my humble opinion). The Double Decker bar and the Lion bar are great too.

  • Whats the address? I got the insulin.