10/30/13 10:16am

Today’s the Last Day of the Season for Corona’s Tortas Neza


Bisteck a la Mexicana is the star of La Seleccion.

“I’m sorry my friend. After tomorrow, no more tortas for you,” Galdino “Tortas” Molinero said as I perused the menu of Tortas Neza. The six-month permit for his mobile temple of tortas and fútbol runs out on Halloween, but Tortas is closing shop the day before.

“But where shall I go to procure a Mexican soccer themed sandwich the size of my head in the middle of the night,” I thought. Actually that’s a lie my thoughts were more like, “Better try something I haven’t had before.” That’s how I wound up eating a not so little number called La Seleccion ($9). Like of all of his sandwiches it’s named after a Mexican  fútbol club and is so messy that I took my watch off. (I also removed my jacket and did a warm up stretch.)


“No more tortas for you.”

Bisteck a la Mexicana, cubes of beef, fried up with tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños is the star of La Seleccion. Not only was it was my first time eating this sandwich, it was also my first time eating bisteck a la Mexicana, so named because its ingredients share the same colors as the Mexican flag: green peppers, white onions, and red steak and tomatoes. The sandwich is also topped with stringy quesillo cheese and the standard torta fixins: lettuce, tomatoes, refried beans, and pickled jalapeños.

It’s the type of sandwich whose contents spill out the side as you bite into it. Come to think of it there was supposed to be sausage on it as well, but I’m not complaining. I’m just glad I happened to stop by yesterday. It is entirely likely that I will stop by again tonight  for some of the maestro’s carnitas.

Tortas Neza, 11th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Corona

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