10/14/13 12:15pm

A Surprising Sichuan Seafood Soup at New World Mall


Surely this is the subtlest Sichuan seafood soup ever.


When it comes to Sichuan dumplings two words spring to mind: chili oil. So it was a pleasant surprise to discover a subtle wonton soup at Szechuan Dish in the New World Mall Food Court. The stall serves what are to my mind the best Sichuan noodles in New York City and its exquisite cold dishes, including cucumbers in chili and surprisingly smoky strips of gluten, are a staple of my Flushing food tours.

On the picture menu, where all the others item are tinted a fiery red, haĭ weì chāo shoŭ ($7), looks out of place. Although there’s no chili to be found in seafood flavor wonton soup,  it has a steady buzz of spice thanks to black and white pepper. And there are so many delicate pork-filled chāo shoŭ or “folded hands,” as the square-wrappered dumplings are called in Sichuan, that I stopped counting after the first five. Chewy slices of mushroom, chunks of bamboo shoot, ginger, and the occasional mussel round out this bowl. The seafood flavor comes from tiny dried shrimp.

As I chewed the thinly sliced grey mushrooms fringed with black and breathed in the restorative seafood aroma I wondered whether some industrious cook had substituted the fungi for the more costly abalone. That question may never be answered, but I am nonetheless glad to have sussed out this most subtle of Sichuan soups.

Szechuan Dish, No. 25, New World Mall Food Court, 40-21 Main St., Flushing

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  • so this place is gone now correct? Anyone have an idea if they relocated anywhere because this and the noodles that were posted about earlier both sounded amazing. Also Jiao Jiao is also gone from New World Mall? I really wanted to try the “attached” rolled dumplings.

  • Somehow I commented on this before, but it is gone. Did the people behind this place land anywhere else by chance? The soup and the noodles both sound and look so good. I would love to try them. Also, aside from the Korean Chinese Ladies is there anywhere else in New World Mall someone would particularly recommend for dumplings? I guess the place with the starch connected “potstickers” is gone. Always wanted to try that.

    • Hello chefdekoven! unfortunately this place is gone qs are the connected potstickers. for dumplings korean chinese ladiss are your best best

      • Hey thanks a lot. I appreciate taking the time to write me back. Sad to have missed it, but there is always a new opportunity in Flushing! I am definitely with you Stall 28 is epic. I have been a fan for a while. The Korean Dumplings were good, but the Kim Chi slaw was amazing! Also that hot sauce at the Mi Fen stall (right next store) is one of my favorite homemade hot sauces ever.