01/30/19 11:27am

Moo Thai’s Combo Plate is a Porky Trifecta

I’ve been passing Moo Thai Food and its logo of a silhouetted black pig for months. The other day I finally tried it for lunch. Despite the name this tiny new spot from the owners of neighboring Eim Khao Man Gai makes only one type of Thai food, khao moo daeng, or pork and rice.

Moo, whose name means pig, offers several types of pork: sweet sausage, red tinged slices that call to mind char siu, and slabs of fried pork with incredibly crunchy skin. Both my dining partner and I chose Set 1, which combines all three. It’s served with a sweet, pork-enriched sauce, egg, and some cursory greenery. The sidecar of soup, which I suspect is the same broth used at Eim, rounded it all out for a nice lunch.

When it comes to roast pork and crunchy pork the first two cuisines I think of are Chinese and Filipino. Thanks to Moo I can now add Thai to that mix when the pork craving hits as it so often does.

Moo Thai Food, 81-20 Broadway, Elmhurst, 917-396-4163

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  • Joe, right across the street, Shun Wang, offers more delicious roast pig. I usually order roast pig & roast duck on rice. If you want to buy the best cut off the rust pig, tell them you want 2 slices of ribs. 2 slices of ribs with get you 2 whole long rib bones, then they chop it up, it’s a little over 1lbs of meat. You pay by the pounds, 2 slices of ribs is the min order, if you want to buy ala carte, it should be around $15-20. If you just want a sample order the rust pig on rice, something like $6 I think. I never met someone whom I introduce this products that’s tells me that it’s not good. Try it. They also have a branch in Flushing.

    Shun Wang
    81-25 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 11373
    (718) 779-3330