02/06/17 11:42pm

Lhasa Liang Fen’s Magnificent Mini Momo


The spiciest baby momo in Thai Town!

The name of this newish Tibetan spot in the heart of Elmhurst’s Little Bangkok pays tribute to a cool mung bean jelly that’s more commonly known as laphing in Tibet. One of the best things on the 15-item menu, however is the spicy dumpling ($5.99). The chef-owner can call them dumplings, but I prefer to think of them as mini momos.

Each mini momo’s no bigger than a golf ball, and is filled with pork and chives. A generous portion sits in a lake of chili oil and is riddled with peanuts, sesame seeds, and green onions. Truth be told they are chewier and less juicy than momo but quite delicious.


Yellow liang fen features blocks of gluten.

In case you’re wondering, the liang fen that gives the tiny restaurant its name is quite lovely. It comes in two varieties: the whitish Lhasa liang fen ($3.95) and and yellow liang fen ($4.95). Of the two I prefer the yellow version, which is made from yellow beans and features spongy blocks of gluten.

Lhasa Liang Fen, 81-15 Broadway, Elmhurst, 646-684-7208

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  • Great blog, I love to eat momos. But I didn’t know about mini momo, I read about it for the first time here. I got full information about mini momo and now it’s my wish to eat it ASAP. Thank you for sharing this blog.