08/28/14 1:54pm

Java Village’s Jakartan ‘Chow Fun’ Makes Me Say, ‘Yum!’


Java Village’s kwetiau Jakarta.


Chow fun—broad Chinese rice flour noodles—was as much a staple of childhood trips to Chinatown with my father as it was the local takeout. He cooked it at home too, purchasing wonton skins that he cut into noodle-sized strips. I have a feeling he’d have liked the kwetiau Jakarta ($9) I tried at Java Village the other night. It eats like chow fun’s spicier Indonesian cousin.


Apparently C+M has a certain ring to it in Indonesian.

I mixed in the fiery sambal into the noodles with  beef, tripe, and tendon, and dug in. As I was eating, Chef Dewi stopped by and asked why I named my web site Chopsticks and Marrow. I told her I liked the sound of it and thought it way better thane some other names I’d considered like Globivore for one.

Then she proceeded to  tell me that the Indonesian name for my web site would be, “Sumpit and Sum-sum.”  Now like the sound of my web site name even better than ever!

Java Village, 86-10 Justice Ave., Elmhurst, 718-205-2166

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