07/24/13 11:16am

Sybil’s Bangamary is one Righteous Fish Sandwich

Scotch bonnet pepper sauce makes it even more bangin’.

Scotch bonnet pepper sauce makes it even more bangin’.

Much of The Guyanese/Trinidadian/Indian enclave Richmond Hill remains terra incognita to me, just as Flushing’s Golden Shopping Mall once was. There are dozens upon dozens of doubles joints along Liberty Avenue. I know there’s tons of good stuff in this hood, but sometimes don’t know where to start. One beacon of deliciousness I’ve found  in this vast sea of West Indian food is the bangamary sandwich ($6) at Sybil’s. It is one of the best fried fish sandwiches I have ever had.

A crunchy fried filet of bangamary—also known as the king weakfish—is tucked into a pillowy roll. The bread and the fish are first rate at this Guyanese bakeshop. What makes this sandwich truly great though is a medley of condiments, including tamarind and tartar sauce. A bit of fruity, fiery Scotch bonnet sauce sends the whole thing into the flavor stratosphere. I have a feeling I will be eating a bangamary sandwich very soon and using it to fuel further exploration of this promising corner of Queens.

Sybil’s Restaurant & Bakery, 132-17 Liberty Ave., Richmond Hill,  718-835-9235

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