03/11/13 9:53am

Bubur Ayam: Indonesia’s Answer to Chicken and Waffles


Fried chicken it’s what’s for breakfast in Indonesia and Elmhurst.


The very word porridge invokes austerity and blandness. It’s something one eats when sick or in a British orphanage. So it went for me with Asian rice porridge, variously called congee or jook. That is until I tried an Indonesian version called bubur ayam ($5.50) at Java Village. It literally means chicken porridge. More specifically fried chicken porridge. That’s right, fried chicken porridge. It’s topped with crunchy fried bits of bird, crisp pieces of cruller, and, if you like, fiery sambal. I always opt for a salty preserved egg and a squirt or two of the thick, sweet soy sauce kecap manis.  Sweet, savory, spicy, and anything but austere, it is one of my favorite breakfasts in all of Queens.

Java Village, 86-10 Justice Ave., Elmhurst, 718-205-2166

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  • I visited Indo Java this past Tuesday – no bubur ayam but Dewi sent me home with some delicious bakso and cilok. She asked me to share with the world that she’s planning on bubur ayam next Tuesday, Jan 31. Get ready.