02/05/13 10:02am

What’s Your Favorite Type of Dim Sum?

This carb on carb number was pretty good, but it’s not my favorite.

This carb on carb number was pretty good, but it’s not my favorite.

Despite my ever-present Mets cap, I am by no means a sports fan. This is why I chose to celebrate Super Bowl Sunday by eating dim sum in Flushing with two old friends.

By the time we got there, Grand Restaurant (New World Mall, 40-21 Main St., 3rd Floor) was packed. I like Grand because there’s something for everyone: a good half dozen types of dumplings, various steamed buns, large plates ranging from fried whitebait and sauteed baby octopus to roast pork, several preparations of chicken feet, and many desserty type items. And I almost always find something new there, like the sticky rice bun pictured above. Sadly they did not have one of my favorite items: a giant seafood dumpling in a bowl of soup that one adds red vinegar and ginger to

With Chinese New Year fast approaching here’s what I’m curious to know. What are your favorite items to eat when you go out for dim sum? Tell me in the comments or hit me on the Twitter, @JoeDiStefano.

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  • leaf-wrapped sticky rice with embedded chicken wing and sausage (lo mai gai, accd to wikipedia) is a great break from the rice noodle dishes.

  • I’ve become a fan of The Grand over the last few months; the dim sum has steadily improved. My favorites include the pork and vegetables wrapped in tofu skin, sticky rice in lotus leaf, and stewed tripe. Still, no matter what collection of buns and dumplings I may have, I always make sure to have the fried doughnut with powdered sugar (wish I knew the actual name). They are always killer.

  • Rice rolls with shrimp, turnip cakes, and sweet mochi. I really, really like turnip cakes and usually can only find them at dim sum places (i.e., I never seem to encounter them on regular menus).