10/23/14 10:36am

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Foie gras, the rich decadent fatty liver of a duck or goose, always pairs well with something sweet like a glass of Sauternes, or perhaps some maple syrup. Leave it to Sam Mason and his crew at OddFellows Ice Cream Co. to turn it into a frozen confection. Last year the scoop shop served foie gras ice cream paired with a tart blueberry soda. This year Mason created something a little more playful, a drumstick that childhood staple. The inside of the cone is lined with dark chocolate and the scoop of foie gras ice cream is also covered in chocolate and then sprinkled with peanuts. The adult treat comes with a grownup price too, $7. It was well worth it last Friday on what I am pretty sure was the last day of Indian Summer.

OddFellows Ice Cream Co.,  175 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, 347-599-0556;  75 East 4th St., 917-475-1812

06/20/13 1:50pm
The décor at Oddfellows is Americana with a side of oddity, like ice cream Jesus.

Oddfellows’ décor is Americana with a side of oddity, like ice cream Jesus

When I heard about OddFellowsIce Cream Co. the Billyburg scoop shop that former wd~50 pastry chef Sam Mason opened with Holiday and Mohan Kumar, I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d be trying it. Then I read they were serving chorizo caramel swirl. That sealed the deal. Last Saturday after my latest Thai chicken skin mitzvah I stopped by the newly minted scoop shop,which lies just a cone’s throw from Smorgasburg.

Flavors range from the classics like chocolate chunk to oddballs like chorizo caramel swirl.

Flavors range from classics like chocolate chunk to oddballs like chorizo swirl.

I was so eager to try OddFellows I poked my head in before they’d even opened for the day. Two hours later I returned with my pals Siobahn Wallace, co-author of the excellent and hunger-inducing New York à La Cart and Chris Crowley, a fired-up young food writer who is to the Bronx as I am to Queens. I was somewhat doubtful Siobahn would still have an appetite for ice cream after downing a pie shake from Butter & Scotch. And Chris said he was saving his appetite for some Bronx birria. I, on the other hand had plenty of room for ice cream. The question as I perused the menu was whether to go with the classics like chocolate chunk and Battenkill sweet cream or oddballs like maple bacon pecan and chorizo caramel swirl. (more…)