10/22/13 11:53am

I can’t wait to try this Brazilian-African mashup in Astoria.

Whether its cronuts or ramen burgers I’m not a fan of the mixed up, mashed up hybridization that’s become such a part of New York City’s culinary zeitgeist. Which is why I’m glad the food writer’s collective Real Cheap Eats, of which I am a proud member has decided to take back the mashup with its latest release, Real Cheap Mashups, a guide to 40 border-bending dishes for $10 or less. The list includes everything from sandwiches and soups to snacks, like my favorite Nepalese cheap eat, sandheko Wai Wai, a fiery uncooked ramen noodle-based chaat that’s a blend of five cultures. Take that ramen burger! (more…)

02/20/13 10:05am
Surely this is the most bountiful Bombay breakfast sandwich ever.

Surely this is the most bountiful Bombay breakfast sandwich ever.


An egg sandwich with cheese and bacon was my go-to breakfast for a long time when I was a copydesk jockey. It’s hard to believe a vegetarian breakfast sandwich could be satisfying.  Hell, I never gave the idea of a veggie breakfast sandwich a second thought.  Then I learned about anda bhurji pav, from my friend Anne over at Real Cheap Eats. Five bucks buys two buttery toasted pav that are absolutely overflowing with scrambled eggs shot through with diced onion, tomato, green chilies and fresh coriander leaves.

It’s not very often that I get this excited about a vegetarian sandwich, particularly one I haven’t tried yet. I literally can’t stop thinking about it. I’m going have to head over to Mumbai Grill right soon to try this twin-engine breakfast blowout. The Bombay Breakfast Sandwich—as I’ve taken to calling it—is just one of 21 entries in the winter edition of Real Cheap Eats NYC. Each entry, including my contribution, pig bone marrow soup, is strategically chosen to help you fuel up, and warm up, without breaking the bank.

Mumbai Grill, 37-33 74th St. Jackson Heights, 718-205-7577