08/26/15 12:49pm

Friends and fans alike know I have a real soft spot for 4 a.m. Malaysian kari laksa as served by the good folks at Curry Leaves in Flushing. Recently I tried the asam laksa—a spicy sour soup enriched with fish—at Pulau Pinang. It’s a palate-jolting, head-clearing wonder of a bowl.

It’s taken me a summer cold and about 15 years to finally develop a taste for asam laksa. Now I’ve a jones to visit Malaysia and try some regional variations of the spicy noodle soup. I blame the above video from SAYS Malaysia and Air Asia. In it a diverse group of Malaysians taste an equally diverse group of laksas and attempt to identify their origins. (more…)

03/05/13 12:37pm

In the United States special offers and seasonal items at McDonald’s are limited to bizarre items like Shamrock Shakes and the dreaded McRib. Sure there have been new burgers, notably the McDLT, which I happened to like. Around the world, though the special offers are quite special indeed. And the commercials, as you’ll see below, are hilarious.

1. In India, the McAloo Tiki is presented as a panacea.
It’s like a reversal of Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me. After a visit with the doctor our bespectacled hero is prescribed the fast-food cure. He enters McDonald’s sweating and swooning. After a few bites he gamely declares, “I’m loving it.”

 2. I have no idea what’s in the McBangkok.
I do know that in Indonesia  it’s penawaran terbatas,or a limited time offer. It looks way cooler than the McRib. Nobody ever rode an elephant to Mickey D’s to get a preformed ersatz pork rib sandwich.

3. Just for kicks here’s a recent Big Mac commercial from China.
It features various bright, shiny young businessmen going decisively about their day all set to dynamic music. The tagline: “100% man, 100% pure beef, Big Mac.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel especially manly after eating a Big Mac, I usually feel ripped off and kind of sick.