04/29/15 11:07am

The Mack Daddy of barbecue sandwiches!

I’m such a fan of low and slow American barbecue, particularly the deckle or luscious top cut of the brisket, that years ago I acquired a BBQ moniker: Joey Deckle. One of my favorite preparations is Kansas City style burnt ends, crusty sweet and spicy nuggets of twice smoked brisket. My go-to spot for this luscious meat candy is John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City. (more…)

02/13/14 12:34pm

The hordes of barbecue and booze and enthusiasts had a blast.

About 10 years ago good barbecue in New York City was about as available as snow boots are this winter. Back in the dark ages of low and slow smoked cooked meat the best place to get the best ‘cue was on the competition circuit, an opportunity I availed myself often enough in the guise of my hard-drinking, meat-eating, smoke-loving alter ego, Joey Deckle. Fast forward to 2014 and there’s more quality barbecue in our fair city than you can shake log of post oak at.  (Heck my pal Tyson Ho is even opening up a whole hog emporium later this year.) Much of it was represented at last night’s Brisket King NYC, in which more than a dozen pitmasters vied for the crown. It was so crowded that I found myself chanting, “Ain’t no riot like a meat riot, cause when you’re on a meat riot, you never diet.” (more…)

01/17/13 2:22pm

Yes, there’s a German card game called Foodie.

I will answer to many names, including Joey Deckle, my smoke and barbecue loving alter ego. One thing I will not answer to and prefer not to be called under any circumstances is foodie. At worst it calls to mind the less than complimentary junkie. And at best it smacks of legions of Instagramming zealots eager to check a foodstuff or hotspot off their neverending list. I am well aware that the foodie backlash among food writers is nothing new, but when I spot a German card game named, Foodie, it is clearly time to stick a fork in ‘foodie.’ So here are seven things you can call me besides foodie.

  1. Gastronome
  2. Good eater
  3. Gourmand
  4. Epicure
  5. Fresser
  6. Chomper
  7. Glutton

About that game. The king has organized a banquet. The object is to eat the king’s favorite dishes, but not to actually consume more than his majesty. The player who accomplishes this feat of self-restraint wins and is dubbed the king’s favorite Foodie. To consume more than the corpulent king one would have to be a glutton, a badge I wear with no small amount of honor.