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06/02/15 4:31pm

Iceland’s Northern Lights.

There are numerous reasons why Iceland has become such an attractive tourist destination in recent years, but at the top of the list are its astonishingly beautiful landscape and its surprisingly exotic food culture. Let’s start with the former.

Iceland is probably best known to tourists hunting for the elusive Northern lights, but the country has a whole lot more to offer. It’s a volcanic island with a lunar landscape that is both varied and full of natural beauty. Any mention of the highlights of this beautiful island is bound to be contentious amongst seasoned travellers, but there are at least two attractions that should be on everyone’s to-do lists; The Blue Lagoon and Thingvellir.  (more…)

05/22/15 4:56pm

The pristine Bay of Kotor.

Every now and again, intrepid travelers come across a hidden gem they wish to keep all to themselves. For many the beguiling town of Kotor, in Montenegro, is one such place. With its stunning bay and beautiful old town, it is fast becoming a top destination for those in the know. Will you be one of them?

While Croatia has become extremely popular with holiday-makers looking to blend sun and sea with sight-seeing, neighbouring Montenegro has seen a little less interest outside a few top travel blogs. The town of Kotor is only an hour from Croatia’s star city Dubrovnik and has plenty attractions of its own. (more…)