07/31/19 11:52am

Bone Man Chinese Fried Chicken Lands in Queens

Leading culinary excursions through Flushing, Queens, is often hungry work, so I like to reward myself with a post food tour treat, sometimes sweet and sometimes savory. Last Sunday, I shepherded a largish group of 10 folks through the bustling streets of America’s Greatest Chinatown and found myself hankering for something substantial afterwards. Which is how I wound up at the neighborhood’s newest fried chicken purveyor: Bone Man.

Despite the joint’s name I opted for boneless nuggets instead of the bone-in options, including regular old wings, chicken wing roots (wing tips), and chicken middle wings. I didn’t ask whether the folks behind the bird here are Taiwanese, but Bone Man distinguishes itself from most of the hood’s yen su ji joints by making a bird with a craggier, crunchier crust. The juicy chunks were sprinkled with red pepper and an aromatic spice mix that I’m pretty sure was just five spice, salt, and MSG.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t swayed to try this newest addition to the area’s street food scene by the whole superhero gimmick. After all who can resist such well-crafted display copy as, “Bone Man be absorbed in secret fried chicken?”

Incidentally the Chinese on the awning— 超级中式炸鸡—reads chāo jí zhōng shì zhá jī, which my buddy Stanford translates as “super Chinese style fried chicken.” I prefer to render it as “Superhero Chinese Fried Chicken.”

Bone Man, 135-45 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing

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