03/31/19 10:42am

Daly Pie’s Case of the Monday’s is a Salty Sweet Delight

Case of the Mondays answers the question ‘What if the Take 5 Bar were a pie’?

For a food writer who doesn’t specialize in sweets, I I’ve been on a bit of a sugar kick lately. I blame a certain highfalutin candy bar from Michael Mignano. My latest indulgence was a slice of heaven called Case of the Mondays from Daly Pie.

Meghan Daly’s shop is located in the faraway land of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, but luckily for me it has had a popup in Long Island City for the past few months. I passed by a week or so ago to check out the goods, from the traditional like butter milk coconut and apple crisp to the newfangled like salty lime and the aforementioned Case of the Mondays, which consists of peanut butter custard sandwiched between a pretzel crust, a layer of Nutella and chocolate ganache. In lieu of whipped cream, there are potato chips.

Since I wasn’t hungry I decided to return this past Friday. My friends and I arrived at noon and were dismayed to learn that there would be no pie until 2 p.m. So no pie for me that day. The following day I returned after a late lunch at the newly opened Xi’an Famous Foods.

“I’ll have the Instagram special,” I said jokingly of the Case of the Mondays. The gal behind the counter took it out of the fridge and proceeded to cut it. After watching her make several attempts and concluding that if she had that hard of a time cutting it there was no way I’d be able to chew it, I said to her, “Maybe it’s not ready?”

“Are you sad?” she said with a smile. “If you come back I’ll save you a slice.” So after a coffee at the newly opened Sweetleaf, I returned. “I think it’s ready,” my new friend informed me. “No pie before its time,” I quipped thinking that she was definitely too young to recall the old Paul Masson commercials.
The combination of creamy peanut butter, salty pretzels, Nutella and chocolate was stupendously good and almost worth waiting two days.

“What’s your favorite?” another customer asked. “For a while I was eating a slice of the Case of the Monday’s every day,” the pieslinger responded, “but we had a toxic relationship.”

Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy another slice of Case of the Mondays tomorrow, at least not in Queens. Today is the last day of the LIC popup. Who knows I might have to make the trek to Brooklyn. I’ve been known to travel longer for toxic relationships.

Daly Pie Popup, 27-20 Jackson Ave, Long Island City; 665 Vanderbilt Ave., Prospect Heights

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