01/09/19 7:36pm

Soup & A Sandwich Tibetan Style at Lhasa Fresh Food

Soup and a sandwich via Lhasa, Elmhurst, and Instagram.

There are some who say Instagram—with its over the top milkshakes, noodle pulls, and levitating food—along with Yelp and the other usual suspects—is just another sword in the slowly dying animal that is food writing. I am of the opposite opinion, if you know where to look Instagram is actually quite inspiring. Which brings me to the subject of this post, a beefy soup and sandwich combo inspired by Tibet and one of my favorite places to look: self-proclaimed prolific eater @nigelsie.

When I saw him post about the beef chilli from Lhasa Fresh Food, I knew I had to have it. I also knew I’d being ordering a tingmo, a steamed bread to make a sandwich. (His post mentioned something about making a bunch of minis, I chose to make one gigantic sandwich).

The spicy beef cooked with pepper and onion would have made for a satisfying lunch, but I doubled down and ordered bowl of ruddy beef thentuk, filled with irregular swatches of noodles and plenty of tomatoes, and red and green peppers. Perhaps it was overkill, but something about the weather of late has given me quite an appetite. Truth be told I did not finish it all, and now I have lunch for tomorrow, complete with a second tingmo for another spicy beef sandwich.

Lhasa Fast Food, 
81-09 41st Ave., 917-745-0364

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