01/15/19 12:11pm

Enjoy a Kathmandu BBQ with QDC & Bajeko Sekuwa Jan. 28

Cumin-coated wild boar skewers.                                                                      Photo: @foodmento

Winter calls to mind warmer times—with plenty of good old-fashioned BBQ and cold beer to wash it all down. Which is why this month’s Queens Dinner Club will be a down-home Nepali style BBQ feast at Bajeko Sekuwa on January 28. Tickets are $52 and may be purchased here.

The new spot in Sunnyside whose name means grandpa’s BBQ was started by Dinanath Bhandari who used to grill sekuwa skewers at a hawker stand on the road to the Kathmandu airport. His once humble stand has grown into a mini-empire with 14 locations in Nepal, and just one in the U.S., in Sunnyside, Queens.

No Nepalese feast is complete without momo!                                               Photo: @mahakalista

“I’ve been captivated by the flavors of Nepalese cuisine for a few years now,” says QDC co-founder Chef Jonathan Forgash. “Cumin, chili and acid shine out from an earthy red sauce used to accent grilled goat, wild boar and chicken. And goat. Don’t forget the goat. Bajeko Sekuwa is the next step in franchise restaurants, at least it is in Queens.”

The menu features plenty of sekuwa made from boar, goat, and chicken—all marinated in yogurt and humming with a secret blend of Himalayan spices. There’s even a very special dish tauko fry: a mix of goat head ears, tongue and all that’s served as part of Nepal’s biggest holiday, Dashain a Hindu celebration of good over evil. And of course, no Nepalese BBQ would be complete without momo and curry. View the full menu here.

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