07/23/18 9:37pm

It’s Good to Be the Culinary King of Queens!

Early last month I had the distinct honor of being filmed for a profile on Great Big Story for my expertise on Queens’ diverse and delcious food scene. “When this came up in my Youtube feed, I was like this better be Joe,” more than one person remarked to me on social media when the video dropped last Thursday.

I’m very grateful that Soybean Chen Flower Shop, Pata Paplean, and Lhasa Fast Food were featured in the video, but you’ll notice that there are lot of shots of me eating with no further description. All my Queens people know the spots, but here’s a breakdown for those unfamiliar with New York City’s most delicious borough. At the 16-second mark, you’ll see Joe’s Steam Rice Roll, which makes exquisite Cantonese chang feng. If you haven’t been you should go, right now. Why are you still reading this? Get on the 7 train!

You’ll see me tucking into dahi puri at Raja Fast Food in Jackson Heights at the 19-second mark and my good friend P’Noi of Thai Thai Grocery has a cameo shortly thereafter. At the 23-second mark you’ll see me enjoying the lovely makki di roti, a corn based roti, from Raja Fast Food & Sweets in Jackson Heights. Yusef the paanwalla from Diversity Plaza makes an appearance at 00:43 and the entire adventure ends with Sushma Thukral and her crew at New Asian Food in Flushing.

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