06/27/18 3:40pm

Showdown in Whitestone: Cherry Valley vs. Cristina’s

Cherry Valley’s  Fatboy (left) combines roast beef, gravy, onions and mozzarella while the Corona features a chicken cutlet, cheddar, bacon, onion rings, and barbecue sauce.

A while ago I told a friend who is a longtime Whitestone resident that I’d just tried out the excessive 80-plus sandwich emporium that is Cherry Valley. “You gotta go to Cristina’s across the street,” came his response.

So when my pal Rocky proposed a trek to Whitestone to check out the dueling delis earlier this week I was on board immediately. On the ride over I expressed some concern about my appetite level and intestinal fortitude. “Don’t worry, we’ll strategize,” my pal reassured me.
First up was the O.G. Cherry Valley. The one good thing about going to this popular post-partying munchie spot for lunch as opposed to 3 a.m. is there’s no line, which gave us plenty of time peruse the voluminous menu.

Having wisely decided to get rolls instead of heroes, we ordered one Corona and one Fatboy. I went for the Fatboy first since it was new to me. The combination of grilled roast beef, fried onions, and mozzarella bathed in brown gravy on garlic bread was a great way to start an afternoon of sandwich indulgence. For a creation called the Fatboy it was somewhat dainty. Not so the Corona, though. It was just as I remembered: smoky crisp bacon, chicken cutlet, cheddar, and onion rings anointed with tangy barbecue sauce made for an excessive finale to my Cherry Valley revisit.

El Diablo (left) and the Heart Attack are just two of Cristina’s many massive sandwiches.

Across from Cherry Valley sits Cristina’s with its awning done up in Mets colors of orange and blue. “The menu seems more creative,” Rocky said as we went over the 80-plus sandwich roster noting the use of spicy fries. Ultimately we went with the Heart Attack (chicken cutlet, mozzarella, spicy French fries, onion rings, bacon, and Cristina’s special sauce) and El Diablo (chicken cutlet, mozzarella cheese, French fries, coleslaw, Cristina’s chipotle, and Sriracha.) The Heart Attack was pretty much as promised, a real gut buster, while the Diablo was quite fiery, in the best of all possible ways and kept us coming back for more.

We did not go into our sandwich adventure with the intention of judging one over the other, but I would give a slight edge to Cristina’s because the sandwiches were bigger and somewhat more creative.

Ultimately I guess further research is needed, but it is all a matter of taste in the end. One thing that we agreed on is that Forest Hills/Rego Park could use a creative sandwich spot. That said I am curious to know, do you prefer Cherry Valley over Cristina’s? Let me know in the comments!

Cherry Valley Deli & Grill, 12-29 150th St., Whitestone, 718-767-1937
Cristina’s Deli and Grill, 12-37 150th St., Whitestone, 718-357-6055

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  • Hey Joe – Andy’s deli on Eliot Ave in Middle Village has a Fay Boy sandwich too – exact same ingredients. Which came first ? Enquiring mnds need to know. Time for you to do more research methinks!

  • Awesome to know. I have had the Cherry Valley sandwiches and they are super! Have never been to their competition, but I wont ever go unless something changes at Cherry Valley. I am loyal to my places unless they mess up.

    I think you should check out Sal, Kris & Charlie’s Deli in Astoria. They are awesome! I heard about them from a family member and ever since then I try to go weekly or sometimes twice a week. They know how to make a sandwich and they do it in such a friendly way. I love them!!! They also get my coffee done the way I like it!!!! if you want to visit, this is their address: 33-12 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY . Their sandwiches are huge and what I love the best is their bread. It is always crispy, the way bread should be and that makes a great sandwich.

  • Sorry, Cherry Valley is way better than Cristina’s. The difference between the two is Cherry Valley Chicken Cutlet. That is what gives Cherry Valley the edge over Cristina. But I do like that Cristina has the option of eating inside.