05/03/18 8:49am

Behold Woodside’s Heartiest Filipino Fish Breakfast

HOI’s fish fryup feeds two normal eaters, or one very hungry blogger.

I count myself a big fan of Filipino breakfast and I was pleased to see a rundown of it on Saveur recently. When it comes to Filipino food, I’m usually all about the pork, but not when it comes to breakfast. When I find myself at a Filipino restaurant in the a.m. I forsake my affections for crispy pata and lechon kawali. At the Filpino breakfast table my heart and stomach belong to dasilog, a fried dried milkfish, served with sinagag—garlic fried rice—and itlog—a sunnyside up egg. Or at least they did until recently.

Last week I learned there’s an even heartier Filipino fish breakfast, bangsilog, the sizzling sisig of the sea. My pal Stanford Chiou hipped me to it on a recent visit to House of Inasal in Woodside. Like it’s porkier sister the fish dish known as bangsilog, aka sisig na bangus ($16.95), comes to the table popping and hissing on a sizzle platter.

The chopped fried milkfish is riddled with onion, scallion and seasoned with soy sauce. It’s topped with some chilies too, which along with the lemon are a nice addition. The menu says the dish is designed for two, but on a good day I could easily polish off an order by myself. Which is exactly my plan for the next time I visit HOI.

House of Inasal, 65-14 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside, 718-429-0709


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