10/17/17 11:07pm

Honey Pig Brings Maple Bacon, Fruity Pebble Donuts to Whitestone

Fruity pebbles and maple bacon, together at last.

A big shoutout to my pal Lisa—my go-to source for all things Whitestone and Bayside—for hipping me to Honey Pig Donut Company, which has been open just under two months.

The other day I stopped in and decided to try the shop’s signature confection, a maple bacon donut. I really wasn’t going to get a second donut until I noticed a pink glazed number showered with day-glo specks. Even though I knew full well that they were Fruity Pebbles I somehow couldn’t process that bit of visual information and found myself asking, “What’s that?” before promptly adding one to my order.

The maple bacon donut fused savory and sweet to create a miniature lumberjack breakfast. I made sure to eat every last bit of bacon that fell off. As for the psychedelic colored Fruity Pebble donut, it tasted exactly as you might expect. Surprisingly it was not as sweet as I’d imagined. All of Honey Pig’s donuts are cake donuts.

At first I thought that the shop’s name came from the bacon donut, but that’s not the case. The name came first. It’s a combination of Honey Bee Cakes and owner Christine Pignatello’s name. “We took the pig and the honey and put them together,” she said adding that the crumb cake donut is her favorite.

As much I like the donuts from Honey Pig, I’m kind of glad that it takes an hour to get there from my house.

Honey Pig Donut Company, 14-31 150th St., Whitestone, (917) 563 – 5253

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