10/31/17 11:14pm

A Tale of Two Crunches: Chinese & Indian

The most amazing guo tie have returned to Flushing.

For the longest time my Flushing Chinatown food tours included two shatteringly crunchy specialties: the paper dosa from the Ganesh Temple Canteen and otherwordly pork and leek dumplings bound by a crisp sheet of dough from a Henanese stall in New World Mall. And then one day, the guo tie vanished much like the UFO they resembled might. It’s been so long since I’d had these  potstickers that I’ve begun to question whether I had imagined the radial pattern of dumplings beneath a lacy sheet of dough in a foodie fever dream. 

These guo tie are all too real though and they’re back. I would love to say that I discovered their return, but credit for that goes to my pal Rich Sanders of Ethnojunkie. He found them at what I would consider a most unlikely place Laoma Mala Tang, a hawker stand better known for spicy soups and stir fries than exquisite dumplings. They are as delicious as ever, and what’s more the folks who brought these dumplings back to Flushing have figured out a way to cram 12 juicy potstickers under the crunchy web of dough, and they’ve added shrimp to the filling. Not a bad deal for $5.99.

The paper dosa’s too big for the internets!

I’m happy to say that these magical guo tie are once more a staple of my Flushing food tours, along with the megaphone-sized paper dosa from the Temple Canteen. My guests always seem to get a kick out of comparing these two exquisitely crunchy delicacies.

Laoma Mala Tang, No. 20, New York Food Court, 133-35 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing
Ganesh Temple Canteen,  45-57 Bowne St, Flushing

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