12/12/16 10:10am

Tang’s Soon Dae Gook is a Pork and Offal Lover’s Delight


Pork and blood sausage make for a hearty soup.

In the past six months I’ve  come to appreciate Korean seollongtang, a milky mellow ox bone soup. It’s nourishing and comforting and easy on my digestive system, which has been a bit fragile lately. One can only slurp so much of the same soup before boredom sets in though. So I’ve tried other versions of the long-simmered bone broth soup with various add-ins including chunks of oxtail and medicinal herbs, but none has proved as satisfying as the minimalist seollontang.

The other day I was dining at Tang with Chef Dave of NY Epicurean Events, and he was trying to get me to order soon dae gook ($14), a seollontang spin featuring pork and the Korean pork blood sausage, soon dae. “That looks good,” he said as I proceeded to tell him most variations of the dish I’d tried fell flat. But the promise of offal convinced me to try it.

Like seoollongtang the broth—bobbing with, bits of blood sausage, pork, and chives—is pretty mellow, but instead of just salt, the seasonings provided include hot pepper paste and teeny-tiny fermented shrimp. Tender chunks of pork, rounds of soondae, and bits of the noodles that the sausage contain made for a hearty bowl. After a few slurps, I added the hot pepper past and shrimp. The result was one of the best Korean bone broth stews I’ve ever had. I have a feeling I’ll be back at Tang a lot this winter.

Tang, 196-50 Northern Blvd, Flushing, 718-279-7080

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  • Me again? Have you tried the chicken broth with the torn noodles at Arirang? I can’t remember the Korean name. I ate it years ago in the K-town location before they closed. I had it again the other day in Flushing. It is like sheer chicken-y perfection. The texture of the noodles is also fantastic. Also the few al dente slices of potato worth great with it.

    • Not but it sounds like i need to do so, and right quick!

      • Obviously I am a fan. Not to over sell it though. Expectations can be a killer. I would highly recommend getting the thicker “torn” noodles. Communication is a little challenging, but somehow I think you won’t have a problem!