10/04/16 4:59pm

Kaopeenong Rice Crackers are The Best Thai Snack Ever


These Thai rice crackers are a cruncher’s dream come true.

When it comes to treats I’m more of a bag of potato chips guy than a box of chocolates guy. Savory snacks trump sweet ones especially if they’re crunchy. What can I say, I’m a cruncher. Thai treats often blur the lines between sweet and salty, combining fishy herbal notes and heat with sweet notes.

Khao greab goong or rice crackers with shrimp might very well be the most craveable Thai snack I’ve ever encountered. Each discus is studded with dried shrimp and herbs. Sweet and shatteringly crunchy with a wallop of fishy funk and notes of nuttiness it was all I could do to save some to photograph and write about. In the end I had only one piece left, a strong argument for purchasing doubles of any junk food i plan to write about in the future.

These highly addictive crackers were imported from Thailand by Kati Thai Market in Woodside. They come from Kaopeenong, a famous purveyor of sweets and snacks in Bangkok. I hope they have more at the shop because I just polished off the last of the shake in the container and I’m jonesing for more.

Kati Thai Market, 64-04 39th Ave., Woodside, NY 11377

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  • You know that the shirmp and seafood industry in Thailand is literally a slave business. Almost all the workers on the ships and processing plants are slaves. I hope you know this.