09/14/16 1:25pm

Tour Asia in LIC This Weekend at the Mid-Autumn Asian Feastival

Ejen's Korean noodles are just one of many dishes that will be served at the Mid-Autumn Asian Feastival.

Savor Ejen’s Korean noodles at the Mid-Autumn Asian Feastival.

Queens has long been home to New York City’s real Chinatown. In addition to tons of top-notch regional Chinese food the borough boasts some of the best Asian food in New York City. That’s why C+M is proud to partner with LIC Flea & Food for the first-ever Mid-Autumn Asian Feastival being held all this weekend from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Join us to experience the flavors of Korea, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand at this very special festival. There’s only one place this weekend to enjoy Indian dosa, Taiwanese fried chicken, Korean noodles, Indonesian satay, and Japanese ramen and that’s the Feastival!


The interior of Silk Cake’s blossom cake represents the moon.

Mid-September is mooncake season in China, Malaysia, and Vietnam, dense, sweet mooncakes are eaten as part of the Mid-Autumn festival during on the 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese calendar. Silk Cakes will be presenting a special spin on the mooncake as part of its offerings at the Feastival.

Taiwan will be represented by Yumpling's crispy fried chicken.

Taiwan will be represented by Yumpling’s crispy fried chicken.

Taiwan will be represented by Yumpling’s yen su ji, succulent crispy fried chicken, and Japanese offerings include taiyaki, fish-shaped pancakes with red bean and vanilla ice cream from LIC favorite Resobox, ramen from Boil Boil Ramen, and sushi from Yanagiya. I’m especially excited that Tae Street NYC will be servings its award-winning khao soi; they’re some of the best Thai noodles to be had in Queens.

Tea & Milk's roasted oolong tea.

Tea & Milk’s roasted oolong tea.

Astoria’s very own Tea & Milk will be pouring its exquisite bubble tea and Ministry of Kaapi will keep you caffeinated with its South Indian coffee. And speaking of Indian, Sattva Market will be slinging crispy dosas.

Dessert Kitchen's shaved ice with mochi and red bean.

Dessert Kitchen’s shaved ice with mochi and red bean.

One of my favorite Asian desserts is shaved ice, so I’m, excited that The Dessert Kitchen will be whipping up frosty treats. See you this weekend!

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