09/19/16 9:13am

Queens Dinner Club Travels to The Philippines Sept. 27


Crispy ukoy, just one of many dishes that will be served at Tito Rad’s.

I first started to explore Woodside’s Little Manila neighborhood when I moved to Queens in 1998. It started my love affair with Filipino food, though I must admit that sometimes it’s just a lust for crispy pork. This month Queens Dinner Club presents a very special family-style Filipino feast on Sept. 27 at Tito Rad’s. I can’t wait for this one kids. To find out when tickets go on sale, be sure to watch our Facebook page. 

titoradcredit Arlene Mae P.Yelp

Tito Rad’s kare kare, luscious oxtail in peanut sauce.

Tito Rad’s, or Uncle Rad’s, is wildly popular within the Filipino community and Gabe, Jonathan and myself could see why after sampling the menu. Our favorite Filipino uncle has put together a 14-dish family style feast that includes kare kare, luscious oxtail in peanut sauce; adobong manok, chicken braised in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic; bistek cooked in a soy sauce and lemon sauce served with sautéed onions; belly lechon, whole pork belly, slow roasted and marinated in lemon grass spices; and tortang dilis, silver fish omelet. Plus they’ll be two types of noodles and scrumptious plantain and jackfruit turon for dessert.

So come be part of the Queens Dinner Club family and enjoy a Filipino feast Tito Rad’s style. I’m going to start fasting now . . .

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