05/23/16 4:23pm

Cafe Boulis is The Krispy Kreme of Greek Doughnuts


Little Greek doughnuts, aka loukoumades, at Astoria’s Cafe Boulis.

“Let’s go to the place with the little Greek doughnuts,” my friend Jane said. We’d just had a lovely Thai lunch at Pye Boat Noodle. After I confessed my ignorance of little Greek doughnuts, we set out for our dessert destination.

“Oh, gosh I’ve passed this place dozens of times,” I said  when we arrived at Cafe Boulis. Like many Greek cafes in Astoria the little space hums with a caffeinated energy. Directly opposite the door a sign reading, “LOUKOUMADES MADE FRESH TO ORDER” graces the Greek doughnut station. Behind the glass lies a fryer that evokes memories of fresh fried zeppole for St. Joseph’s Day and the spectacle of watching Krispy Kremes receive a cascade of glaze as they come  down the conveyor belt.

Sold by the half dozen ($4), dozen ($8), or two dozen ($15), the little golden brown rings are traditionally served with honey, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. We opted for a drizzle of Nutella and powdered sugar, which proved to be an excellent combination.

Only in Queens can one enjoy authentic Thai hawker food and then walk less than half an hour to cap it off with a traditional Greek dessert.

Cafe Boulis, 30-15 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-806-1014

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