05/18/16 1:35pm

Behold Abbott’s LOL Lobster Roll


Photo: B.A. Van Sise

With very few exceptions—notably the Tortas Puma—I adhere to  the old adage, “Never eat anything bigger than your head.” Now thanks to my good friend photojournalist B.A. Van Sise, I might just have to make another exception: the LOL Hot Lobster Roll served at Abbot’s Lobster in the Rough in Noank, Conn.

For a decade Van Sise made do with the quarter pound lobster roll. “Now that my hunger hole has been broken I can’t imagine how people could possibly survive on so little,” Van Sise said.

Last year, the shop introduced the OMG Lobster roll, which contains roughly a half pound of lobster meat. This year Abbott’s rolled out the LOL, which contains a pound of crustacean. Never one to shrink from a challenge Van Sise took up the gauntlet.

“It was the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Van Sise says of taking down the $44 behemoth. “I felt like I was going die for an hour afterwards, but then I was fine,” he noted adding that it felt like more than a pound’s worth of lobster.

By the way LOL stands for “Lots of Lobster,” not “Laugh Out Loud.”  I sense a road trip to Connecticut in the very near future.

Abbott’s Lobster in The Rough, 117 Pearl Street, Noank, Conn., 860-536-7719

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  • Just an FYI – Abbott’s is a fantastic place for all the rest of the summer seafood treats, as well: it’s all the way out on the marina in Noank but barely a 10-minute drive from 95, and their fried seafood, steamers, lobster, etc. are all as good as it gets.