04/04/16 11:13pm

Watch the Making of the Godzilla of Spicy Gimbap

Gimbap—a Korean after-school snack that at its most minimalist form consists of little more than American cheese, white rice, and daikon rolled up in seaweed—is not exactly anybody’s version of extreme eats. Sure there are more flavorful varieties like spicy tuna and spicy squid, both of which I find quite lovely and enjoy at Song’s Family Food in Murray Hill, Queens. To find a truly extreme kimbap, or gimbap, as it’s also spelled, I had to turn to the internet, specifically Korean cooking Youtube channel cookat TV.

The video, “Hot Gimbap” starts off simple enough, simple synth soundtrack, simple spicy gimbap: seaweed,rice,carrot, spinach, egg, chili, pickled daikon, stir fried chili and kimchi. Then things get weird around the 20-second mark. The music switches up to a heavy metal soundtrack and things turn into a combo of Epic Meal Time and SNL’s Taco Town but with neither liquor nor Andy Samberg. First comes perilla leaves, pickled daikon slices, and hot jokbal (pig trotter). Then come pork belly, garlic, and green onion kimchi among many other pungent things. The whole thing gets rolled up in a spicy pizza. The resulting Korean burrito is then rolled with kimchi pancakes and more seaweed to create the Godzilla of gimbap.

Cookat features a recipe of sorts for tis over-the-top gimbap but I’m not about to try it at home. Guess I’ll just have to settle for the Super Chilly BBQ Chicken gimbap at Song’s.

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