04/20/16 5:35pm

Roast n Co Answers What Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

C+M's new favorite breakfast sandwich.

Tomato jam and white cheddar make for a tasty breakfast sandwich.

The classic New York City bacon egg and cheese sandwich looms large in Gotham’s culinary consciousness, so much so that Times critic Pete Wells penned an ode to it around this time last year. In Forest Hills I purchase my breakfast sandwiches from a taciturn Central Asian gent who runs the coffee cart down the street from my apartment. That is to say I did, until Roast n Co opened its doors a few days ago. The new cafe/rotisserie chicken spot serves up what is fast becoming my favorite breakfast sandwich in the hood.  At $5 it costs more than the coffee cart’s BEC, but it’s well worth it even though it contains no breakfast meat whatsoever. Organic eggs, tomato jam, and Cabot white cheddar on a brioche make for quite an egg sandwich. It’s a close second to Hugue Dufour’s luxe rendition of the egg McMuffin. Since Roast n co is run by Tunisians you have the option of asking for a sidecar of harissa, a lovely concoction of chili peppers, olive oil, and paprika. It’s an option you should exercise.


The roast chicken sandwich benefits from a kiss of harissa.

The roast in the new spot’s name comes from roast coffee and rotisserie chicken. It’s not the first combination I’d choose, but it makes sense businesswise. And they’re using all-natural D’Artagnan chicken.

I’ve yet to have a whole bird, though early reports say they’re quite juicy. The chicken sandwich ($8) combines roasted potatoes with tender bird and country gravy. The carbohydrate heavy hero makes a perfect post workout lunch. It’s even better with a kiss of harissa. A side salad of mixed greens in a citrus vinaigrette left me feeling rather virtuous.

Roast n Co, 100-12 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, 718-263-6000 

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