02/02/16 10:01am

HOI’s Sisilog: Breakfast of Champions for Offal Lovers


Sisilog is an offal lover’s dream breakfast.                                                         Photo: Sherri Tiesi

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as good breakfast, whether kari laksa or straight up all-American eggs and bacon. Filipino breakfast though, with its catalogue of silogs takes the morning meal game to a whole new level. Silog is a portmanteau of sinagang (fried rice) and itlog (egg). Thus longsilog is sweet pork longanisa sausage and eggs and dasilog, stars dried mikfish. The latter was my favorite until I discovered sisilog, which takes the porky offal extravaganza that is sizzling sisig and turns it into breakfast.

“Breakfast Served All Day!” exclaims the menu at Woodside’s House of Inasal. Scanning the list I immediately knew I was going to order the sisilog ($15.95). After all, why settle for pork sausage and eggs when you can have a fry-up of pork belly, liver, onions, and green chilies? 

“We like this one with beer,” a Filipino dining companion said when she heard my order. The lip-smacking and lip-coating pork fiesta is pretty good with coffee too. I was so excited by it I almost forget to squeeze the lime on top. “Mix some of the egg in,” another friend advised. Served with two sunny side up eggs and two scoops of rice, Inasal’s sisilog is an immense feed best shared with some offal loving pals.

As I was leaving I noticed that the special pork chop log on someone’s table starred a fried pork chop. “Next time,” I thought to myself, pleased that like many a good diner, House of Inasal serves breakfast all day. I’m also kind of glad that HOI isn’t very close to my house. After all there’s only so much pork one can eat for breakfast.

House of Inasal, 65-14 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside,718-429-0709

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