11/11/15 10:53am

Check Out This Archival Footage of Pop’s Pastrami 

From Gothamist and Eater to The Village Voice and Bloomberg much well-deserved praise has been heaped upon the pastrami sandwich at Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co. The kudos are piled as high as the smoked deckle meat is in Will Horowitz’s  new-fangled yet old-fashioned entry into the deli game.

Before all these recent accolades, in fact before Harry & Ida’s even existed, the Pop’s Pastrami Sandwich received the highest accolade of all being named “The World’s Greatest Sandwich.”  The honor came from the creators of video series Make Me A Sandwich— Rob Serrini and Jeremy Spector—who upon tasting Horowitz’s creation declare their quest to find the world’s greatest sandwich over.

“It’s going to look nothing similar to  a pastrami sandwich, but it’s going to taste everything like it,” the chef says as he slathers the bread with a mixture of Gulden’s mustard, anchovies, harissa, and Meyer lemon brine. As he makes the sandwich Horowitz describes the process of piecing together the recipe. “My grandma is 99 years old,” Horowitz says. “So she would tell us the recipe one day and then the next day the recipe would be the same except you have minced hot dogs in it or something. So we had to piece it together after a long period of time.”

The video is food porn at its finest, with plenty of jiggling brisket meat and Horowitz’s  declaration that “cutting pastrami, corned beef or brisket thin is just insecurity.” And there’s this from the narrator, “Does this come with a pillow and a cot because I kind of want to make love to it.” Me too boys, me too.


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