10/21/15 11:24am

Does Kimchi Belong on a Reuben?

I’ve been a little off my sandwich game of late as I’ve been engaged in a rather monumental hamburger project for FoodieHub. That hasn’t stopped me from thinking about sandwiches though. Last night I discovered a beauty on Instagram, the kimchi reuben from Misery Loves Co.  in Winooski Vermont.

Like many a Reuben, this sandwich is built on seeded rye bread and has pastrami. It also has kimchi and gochujang, two ingredients that were decidedly not in the mise en place at your bubbe’s local deli. While not quite as common as Sriracha, these Korean ingredients have been moving into the mainstream. One need look no further than the hundreds of search results for “kimchi Reuben.”

So here’s my question on this Sandwich Wednesday: Does kimchi belong on a Reuben? And perhaps more important, where can I get a kimchi Reuben in Queens. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, kids.

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