08/17/15 1:10pm

Savor The Last Days of Summer at Rockaway’s La Cevichería

La Cevicheria's got the best mixto in Rockaway Beach.

La Cevicheria’s got the best mixto in Rockaway Beach.

Few things are more refreshing and delicious on a hot summer day than a good Peruvian ceviche. Fresh fish marinated/cooked with plenty of lime served showered with red onions and with the traditional accompaniments of camote (sweet potato), cancha (toasted corn kernels), and mote (hominy corn) makes for a fine summer meal. Until last week my go-to was ceviche pescado, with ceviche mixto a distant second. Thanks to Rockaway Beach’s La Cevichería, I have a newfound respect—and craving—for ceviche mixto.

“Is there orange juice in this?” I asked of the mixture of white fleshed fish, salmon, shrimp, and calamari that sat in a sunny yellow liquid. “No it’s Peruvian yellow pepper,” the ceviche mixologist responded. Aji panca, was not the only pepper in my ceviche though. When I requested that it be made picante I was offered two options: a sauce made from imported Peruvian rocoto peppers or freshly chopped ones. I opted for the latter.

La Cevichería’s ceviche mixto is the best ceviche mixto I have ever had: bright and spicy and teeming with fresh fish and seafood. It’s perfect beach food. As for that bracing orange liquid, I savored every last drop, just like one should savor the waning days of summer itself.

La Cevicheria, Beach 97 St. Concessions, Rockaway Beach

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