07/01/15 2:04pm

Amorino’s Focaccine is a Gelato Bomb


The bun can barely contain its contents of gelato and Chantilly cream.

“Oh my god you have to have the focaccine at Amorino,” my new friend Sara Massarotto told me last night in her broad Florentine accent over mounds and mounds of San Daniele prosciutto, speck, and ham at a swine and dine at Osteria del Principe hosted by my good friends at Tabelog and Joios! I ate a lot of pork product—thumbs up for both truffle ham and porchetta—but I didn’t let that deter me from trying the new gelato sandwich that Sara had enthused about. “Ask for Federico,” she reminded me as I left.

“What flavor should I get?” I asked Federico. “Pistachio and Inimitable,” he said. That last translates as inimitable and is the gelateria’s chocolate hazelnut flavor. After acquiescing to whipped cream I sat down and waited as my second new Italian friend of the evening built my ice cream sandwich.

“This is like a bomb” he said placing it on the table. A wave of whipped cream swooped above the pistachio ice cream that peeked out of the bun.

It was served with a knife and fork and threatened the bounds of the bun, but since the focaccine is after all a sandwich I ate it as such. The sweet bun, sunny pistachio, and rich chocolate-hazelnut ice cream was just perfect after an evening of gorging on porcine Italian specialties.

Amorino, 162 8th Ave., 212-255-6471

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