06/05/15 12:01pm

Get Your Indonesian Feast on in Astoria This Sunday


This grilled fish is one of the best things at the Indonesian Food Bazaar.

The Food Bazaar at Astoria’s Masjid Al Hikmah is perhaps my favorite of the many homegrown food festivals that take place throughout Queens. Several times each spring and summer more than a dozen vendors selling soups, satay, and other Indonesian goodies set up in the mosque’s parking lot. The next one is this Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Es pisang iso, a refreshing bowl of banana, pandan, and coconut.

Lately I’ve been digging on the stall in the back left corner where a lively crew from Celebes serves up all kinds of grilled items, including ikan bakar ($12). The whole grilled fish is split open, stuffed with spices and grilled in a basket. It is easily big enough to share.

For dessert, there’s es pisang iso ($4). Like many Indonesian desserts, it is fruity, sweet, and cold. Sweet bits of banana are wrapped in a pandan flavored skin frolick with fresh coconut in an icy sweet broth.

It’s never been clear to me how often the Food Bazaar is held or when the next one is going to be. So if you’ve got a hankering for highly authentic Indonesian cuisine take heed and head over to the Masjid this Sunday.

Masjid Al Hikmah, 48-01 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-721-8881

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