05/20/15 9:55am

HOI’s Pandi: Crazy Ice Cream Sandwich Duo


Ube ice cream topped with crunchy beaten rice and coconut all in a warm roll.

The pandi-ice cream ($5.50) at House of Inasal is surely the most elaborate pair of ice cream sandwiches to ever be served under the 7 train. I haven’t been this excited about an ice cream sandwich since the Chipwich.

A friend has been encouraging me try to this dessert in the Little Manila spot for months. Yesterday it was finally hot and humid enough. “Ube ice cream sandwich with halaya, coconut, and pinipig,” read the menu. Despite the menu language pandi-ice cream turns out to be two—not one—sandwiches each served on a warm pan de sal.

Young coconut and pinipig, a crunchy beaten rice, top each scoop of purple yam ice cream. The slightly sweet eggy buns are smeared with halaya, a rich spread made from ube, or purple yam. As I ate the first sandwich, the second one started to melt leaving a purple puddle, which  I sopped up with a remaining bit of pan de sal. Pandi-ice cream is the best most purple ice cream sandwich in Queens. I’ll be consuming many more this summer.

House of Inasal, 65-14 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside, 718-429-0709

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