05/13/15 12:50pm

El Ranchito De Daisy’s Surprising Salvadoran Quesadilla


El Salvador’s version of the quesadilla is not what you think.

As one of the only Salvadoran spots in the largely Asian stronghold of Flushing, El Ranchito De Daisy is quite an anomaly. The pupusas are good but the quesadilla Savadoreno ($3) is really quite remarkable.

“What’s that I asked?” spying the golden brown ovoids lining the counter. “Quesadilla,” came the response. “Quesadilla!!? Quesadilla de que?” I asked in my best bad Spanish. “De arroz,” the gent behind the counter replied.

Quesadillas call to mind melted cheese, not the equivalent of bread pudding made with rice. For that’s exactly what the Daisy’s quesadilla de arroz tastes like. Moist and satisfying, and fortified with a bit of cheese, it’s perfect with a nice strong cup of coffee. Who knows where the origins of this unique version of the quesadilla lie. One thing’s for sure, I’m having one tonight!

El Ranchito De Daisy Salvadoreno 41-149 150 Street, 718-661-3307


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