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Discover Kotor: Montenegro’s Hidden Gem


The pristine Bay of Kotor.

Every now and again, intrepid travelers come across a hidden gem they wish to keep all to themselves. For many the beguiling town of Kotor, in Montenegro, is one such place. With its stunning bay and beautiful old town, it is fast becoming a top destination for those in the know. Will you be one of them?

While Croatia has become extremely popular with holiday-makers looking to blend sun and sea with sight-seeing, neighbouring Montenegro has seen a little less interest outside a few top travel blogs. The town of Kotor is only an hour from Croatia’s star city Dubrovnik and has plenty attractions of its own.

Arriving in Kotor
The best way to approach the medieval town is by boat. The Bay of Kotor is described by many as a Norwegian Fjord in the middle of the Mediterranean, and indeed it is as beautiful as any Scandinavian inlet. Kotor is accessed via a narrow passage from the sea. The turquoise clear waters and craggy cliffs make for stunning photographs.

The Old Town
Most travellers and tourists tend to head first for The Old Town is undoubtedly where a good day or so can be spend wandering around the alley ways and narrow streets and visiting the medieval churches. In the evening, you’ll find plenty of restaurants and bars, and a good deal of street side entertainment too. Kotor is known for it’s vibrant live music scene – an eclectic mixture of jazz, classical and traditional Balkan folk.

Kotor Food & Drink
Of course you will find all the usual European dishes and drinks, but when in Kotor, eat as the Montenegrins do and sample some of the delicious local cuisine. Lamb dishes are common, as is pivski kajmak (a special milk cream), clear fish soup, smoked ham, goat’s cheese and fresh tomatoes. Die hard foodies should also consider taking an excursion to the small fishing village of Bogova, where you will find some of the freshest fish and seafood at astonishingly cheap prices. Kotor certainly offers value for money, particularly in comparison to elsewhere in Europe. You will certainly notice this in both accommodation and eating out – a set lunch, for example, can cost as little as $13 per person.

Start Planning Now
If this is enough to convince you to give Kotor a try, then one word of caution; don’t wait too long. News of this world heritage site’s attractions is spreading and work is already starting on the construction of a super resort on one side of the bay, which will undoubtedly mean more tourists. Go visit, quick.

Image by archer10 (Dennis) REPOSTING, used under Creative Commons license.

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