05/06/15 10:59am

Chuta Madre’s Porky El Ecua Rocks LIC


A taste of Ecuador on a bun via Long Island City.

There’s plenty of pork—succulent hornado Ecuatoriano with crackling skin and deep fried fritada—to be had at the constellation of vendors orbiting the Junction Boulevard stop on the 7 train. There’s one thing missing from the bustling Little Ecuador though, a pork sandwich. Sanduches de chacho hornado are a street food tradition in Ecuador, but until a little while ago they haven’t been seen much in Queens. All that changed a few weeks ago when Chuta Madre, an Ecuadorian Sanducheria, made its debut at LIC Flea.

As best as I can tell Chuta Madre means something like, “Wow,” or “really!!?” which was pretty much my reaction when I tried the stand $10 El Ecua sandwich.  “You’re gonna say ‘Chuta madre,’ when you try it,” the gal behind the counter said  as she handed me my sanduche.

El Ecua consists of succulent roast pork, pickled red onions, crunchy skin, lettuce and garlicky salsa gordo. Not only is it the best and only Ecuadorean pork sandwich I’ve ever had in LIC, it’s the best I’ve ever had in Queens. ¡Chuta Madre! I can’t wait to have another one.

Chuta Madre, LIC Flea, 5-25 46th Avenue, Long Island City

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