04/29/15 11:07am

John Brown Smokehouse’s Bodacious MacDeckle


The Mack Daddy of barbecue sandwiches!

I’m such a fan of low and slow American barbecue, particularly the deckle or luscious top cut of the brisket, that years ago I acquired a BBQ moniker: Joey Deckle. One of my favorite preparations is Kansas City style burnt ends, crusty sweet and spicy nuggets of twice smoked brisket. My go-to spot for this luscious meat candy is John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City.

My meat and smoke loving alter ego’s something of a celebrity at Pitmaster Josh Bowen’s joint. Joey Deckle and Barack Obama, both appear on the “Eats Free” board above the counter. (It’s a kindness born of being one of the first to write about arrival of K.C. in L.I.C., and it’s one I try my very best not to abuse.)

The other day I stopped in and ordered a burnt end sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. And then, inspiration struck, and I created what shall forever be known as the MacDeckle. It’s a generous scoop of J.B.’s excellent mac and cheese atop the burnt ends with a goodly lashing of their homemade ghost pepper barbecue sauce. It’s smoky, spicy, and messy, and that mac and cheese does a nice job of balancing the whole thing out.

The MacDeckle doesn’t appear anywhere on the menu, but you can easily create your own by ordering the components. Tell them Joey Deckle sent you.

John Brown Smokehouse, 10-43 44th Dr., Long Island City, 347-617-1120

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