04/13/15 9:57am

How Many ‘Weird’ Asian Things in This Video Have You Eaten?

“This one wants to try something really weird,” the parent of a young man on my most recent Flushing Chinatown food tour said. We had already tried fu qi fei pian, the Sichuan mélange of offal that combines tripe, tendon, and beef shin, so I knew the kid was a tough customer. He seemed satisfied by the plate of crunchy Chengdu style pig ears we shared at Golden Mall.

The subject of ostensibly “weird,” Asian foods often arising when I’m showing people around Queens and it’s the theme of “Asians Eat Weird Things,” by the Fung Brothers. Unlike other videos by the culinary-oriented comedy team this one’s a music video that takes place largely in a Ranch 99 supermarket. It’s a catchy tune that includes such lyrical gems as “It’s balut there’s a duck embryo inside/just look/No offense to Peta, but it’s good.”

Balut, chicken feet, durian, stinky tofu, and squid are among the many supposedly strange Asian food stuffs namechecked in the video. So here’s what I’d like to know. How many of these “weird” Asian foods have you tried? Do you have a favorite? (For the record, I am partial to balut, but just don’t get stinky tofu.) Let me know in the comments, kids.

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  • I have tried all. I never understood the “weird” boundaries. My favorite named in the song is blood curd, even though it’s more fun to confess to eating Balut at least monthly and a couple times a year craving stinky tofu to the point of obsession until I acquire it. I always feel a little ashamed to admit I can’t deal with Durian despite repeated attempts.

  • I was a little surprised that the only one of the foods mentioned in the video that I have not eaten is balut.

    I’d say of the foods mentioned, the ones that leave me cold (but in no way do I hate) are chicken feet and durian. The former I order a lot at dim sum places and it usually evokes a “ehh” reaction from me. It’s not the smell of durian that bothers me, but the fruit itself I find dull, both raw and as a flavor in desserts.

    But I love so many of these foods. I’m especially a fan of century eggs (my favorite iteration being Chada’s Century Basil Egg dish in Las Vegas) and pork (and many other animal’s bloods) blood, especially as a booster in soups. Duck tongue: Louro, a Portuguese-inspired restaurant in the West Village, served me probably the best I’ve ever had last month. The chef there, David Santos, also regularly does uni-themed dinner. It’s amazing how many different proteins he has paired uni with to great effect.

    • Yes I too love many many of these “weird” foods. You should really try balut, it’s good once you get past the appearance. You’ve made me mighty curious about that uni dinner!!