04/14/15 9:50am

A Shanghai Double Header at Diverse Dim Sum’s New Digs


Shanghai noodles and xiao long bao at Diverse Dim Sum.

They were easily my favorite xiao long bao in downtown Flushing. I’ve missed the juicy, translucent packages of pork and crab these past four months as much as I’ve missed warm sunshine. Before Flushing Mall closed back in January I asked Diverse Dim Sum’s owner where I could find their soup dumplings. He said they were going to reopen on Kissena Boulevard. I’m pleased to say Diverse Dim Sum is back and it’s a lot closer than Kissena. They’ve set up shop at New York Food Court. 


Diverse Dim Sum’s back on the scene.

I found out the other day when I was leading a food tour and encountered a familiar face, the gal who used to work the register at the old location. I immediately ordered two steamers of soup dumplings. They were as good as ever. Best of all, the second order was half-off.

My friend the cashier suggested I come back and try what the menu lists as Shanghai stir-fried udon ($6.50). So I did. Once again there was a deal, half off a $7.50 order of crab and pork soup dumplings. So I went for a Shanghai double-header and ordered both. Shanghai cu chao mian—or Shanghai chow mein, as the thick, chewy noodles are more properly called in English—proved to be quite delicious. The tangle of noodles mixed with bok choy, shrimp, mushrooms, and bits of pork all slicked with a mixture of light and dark soy sauces and Shaoxing wine brought back happy memories of eating chow fun with my father.

As I alternated between soup dumplings and noodle slurping I couldn’t help but think that he would have loved both. He also  would have been especially happy about the half-price soup dumplings. Thanks for teaching me how to eat Chinese food, Dad.

Diverse Dim Sum, New York Food Court, No. 12, 133-35 Rosoevelt Ave., Flushing, 347-925-5716

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  • You like these XLB better than Kung Fu?

    I recently ate DTF twice in LA and think I might like Kung Fu better.

    And if these are better than Kung Fu….

  • I think the xialongbao from the duck noodle soup place 老鸭粉丝汤 several stalls down (and also in New World and Golden Mall) are pretty good too. I think where their the served to order are going to be best, after that I’m not difficult to please.