03/06/15 10:17am

Watch The Mouthwatering Deli Man Trailer

Once upon a smokier, saltier, schmaltzier time in New York City, the Jewish deli was king. And, if I am to believe the trailer for the film Deli Man, which hits New York City theaters today, “There was a delicatessen on every single corner.”

It’s not quite on my corner, but one of the last remaining Jewish delis in Queens—Ben’s Best—lies a mere matzo ball’s throw from my apartment. (Actually it’s more like a 6-minute walk, which is a good thing because before a meal there I need a warmup, and afterwards a constitutional perambulation is required. One of the fist word’s in the trailer is “pastrami,” and the one served at Ben’s is exemplary. Owner Jay Parker, likens it to “cotton candy.” Incidentally, the next string of words in the trailer is “very lovely chicken fat.” Oy!

I’m really excited to check out Deli Man. I’m probably going to have to sneak in a sandwich though. Watching the 2-minute trailer has left me incredibly hungry.

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